Caledonian AND Altos del Hipódromo II: THE KOGAN UNIVERSE at the heart of Valdemarín
Oct 1, 2021
12 min
Discover the CALEDONIAN universe and its Altos del Hipódromo II development, an exciting architectural project designed by Marcio Kogan.

¿Preparado para experimentar con los espacios en esta urbanización transgresora emplazada en Valdemarín, Aravaca?

the attention to detail of Marcio Kogan’s team

Studio MK27, headed by the famed Brazilian architect, is setting the trends again with the support of the leading developer in cutting-edge technology. The authenticity of his creations can be explained by his cinematographic past. After seeing Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence at the age of 17, he realized that every human feeling could be projected on a screen. Several decades later, as one of the most ground-breaking contemporary architects on the planet, he continues to apply this maxim to his houses.

His love for celluloid has defined his predilection for light as a form of articulating rooms. He has always had a weakness for natural lighting, the protagonist of every corner of his open-plan spaces as if they were film sets (with a soul). In this case, his ideas are somewhat removed from the humour that imbued the films he managed to shoot.

The houses he designs are free from ‘lost’ spaces, and at the same time replete with restraint and purity of form. They are characterized by their pure volumes, by proportions that obey a strategy, and a soft spot for the modernism of his home country. They are the result of the meticulous craftsmanship of every member of his multidisciplinary team, who pay scrupulous attention to every detail. MK27 comprises a set of gears in which every movement explains the following one; and when it comes down to it, the CALEDONIAN houses are dwellings full of meaning.


The designer of the smart houses in Concept Valdemarín and the CALEDONIAN HQ office building on the A6 highway, CALEDONIAN’s new headquarters, has also instilled his idiosyncratic approach in the luxurious properties of Altos del Hipódromo II. These stellar villas not only boast the very latest technology but also arouse excitement for the way every element is connected. Their hallmark, the vast windows, are a feature of every one of these 16 sleek and unusual family homes.

An outstanding feature is the vast glass frontage of the stunning 60 m2 lounge which melds seamlessly with the outdoors via a 52 m2 porch, most certainly the perfect place to enjoy the peace and quiet in utter privacy. Unsurprisingly the estate is equipped with perimeter cameras to provide 24/7 security. Meanwhile, the acoustic and thermal insulation are equally exceptional.

The ground floor is the place to get creative in the open-plan space between the kitchen and the garden. Reading a book by the illuminated swimming pool is another delightful pastime to enjoy. The whole outdoor area is the work of passionate landscape designer Isabel Duprat, a regular collaborator with Marcio Kogan on his projects.

We should not forget to mention the large overhangs, which emphasize the authentic look of this 600 m2 plot (including a garage). Naturally, elegant claddings of the highest quality and eco-friendly credentials have been used.


Meticulous joinery is also a feature of the upper floor of these premium properties, just fifteen minutes from the centre of Madrid. Up on the first floor, you’ll find three rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Minimalism and restraint are again features of this part of the house, whose master bedroom will amaze you with its delightful 20 m2 terrace overlooking the private garden.


Now you know all the characteristics of CALEDONIAN and Altos del Hipódromo II, would you like to experience the emotions that Marcio Kogan imprints on all his spaces? Come to Aravaca and fall in love with the radiance, design and forms of his signature architecture. You’ll soon understand the reason for his global acclaim.

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